“I don’t have enough nice words to describe Wally and I certainly have nothing negative to say. Wally literally saved my way of life and kept it from falling apart due to false accusations. He is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate in his work. He kept me calm throughout the entire process even when it started to get to its worst, that’s when he stepped up even more to the plate and hit me a homerun. He has great communication and even explained things to me multiple times when I couldnt comprehend everything that was going on. If you need a defense and it seems like no one will listen to your side of the story, I can testify Wally will make sure your side of the story is told and facts are smeared against you. Wally is no push over lawyer, he is aggressive and stands out as soon as he walks into a courtroom compared to the other lawyers I saw in there. I could thank him every single day and it still wouldn’t be enough. Thanks again Wally!”