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Client Testimonial

DUI Charge

Hired Mr. Tetlow to represent me in my 3rd DUI in AK within 10 year period. He was professional and provided great client support service. Reckless Driving, Not a felony and suspended jail time. One of the best lawyers I worked with

Sergei, submitted May 2020

Keep it up Mr. Christie!

Mr. Christie is one of the best lawyers to have! He has helped me on my case and it was one that was hard to get out of! He worked hard on my case and I truly appreciate all that he did for me! If there were more stars I'd give him a 50 star! Keep it up Mr. Christie!

TJ, submitted April 2020

Outstanding Attorney

Mr. Tetlow was an outstanding attorney. He took the time to keep me abreast of all information and worked around the times I could contact him. Mr. Tetlow was thorough and explained possible outcomes and gave recommendations on how to continue while at the same time provided me freedom to choose what route to go. With him working on my case, it allowed me to continue with my regular life and job and not worry about what was happening in the court. Mr. Tetlow was sensitive to the geographical area I work in and my profession. I felt the fees were extremely reasonable for the services provided and the final outcome to be exceptional. I would highly recommend Mr. Tetlow if you need a defense attorney

Joe, submitted April 2020

Effective and to the point

As a first time offender I had no idea what to expect. Out of the gate he had no promises for me and directed me to be extremely proactive in getting everything done as soon as possible. He was able to find evidence that would breach the laws of conduct and the state dismissed the case. I was extremely lucky to have been referred to him.

Anonymous, submitted Jan 2020

Criminal defense lawyer

In 2019 while in the United States Coast Guard. I was faced with a DV due to a random event with a female at my first 5 days at my new unit. While being under an emence amount of stress form the state of Alaska the female trying prosecute me and my command that didn’t even know me yet. James Christie has my back through and through and helped me from day one try to get all of this mess off of my record. I would not be in the US Coast Guard today if it was not for James Christie’s expertise with dealing with domestic violence cases. He was always there on the phone for me with whatever question I had and always had a realistic answer to every question I asked. I would 100% try to get anyone that was in my unfortunate position to get Christie’s help. My domestic violence charge was dissmissed and with the help of Christie’s negotiating skills I avoided a 1 year restraint order entirely as well.

Anonymous, posted Jan. 2020

Domestic Violence Charge

Mr. Christie proved to be invaluable in my defense of several unjust domestic violence charges. He was thorough in his review of my case and offered meaningful insight. The integrity of his law practice and moral character was exceedingly evident. I would without hesitation be a return client if ever I needed such honest and professional representation again.

Michael F., submitted Oct. 2019

Attention Military Personnel in need of Legal Counsel

In 2016 I was an E-5 in the Army and was arrested for DUI, any military member in the same unfortunate situation utilize the services of James Christie. A DUI is a very painful process and is made more difficult while being in the military. Your chain of command, Upper level leadership and even JAG does not have your welfare as a priority. Do yourself a favor and hire Mr. Christie, he made the legal portion as pain free as possible. Many times during the DUI process, Mr. Christie was the only one providing me with clear, accurate and helpful information. Its an investment in a chaotic time that will help you down the road.

Anynymous, submitted June 2019

Domestic Violence

First off, let me state that Mr. Tetlow is very straightforward and will not simply tell his clients what they want to hear. I am active duty military and was falsely accused of domestic violence. My 9 year career, livelihood and future was all at risk and through Mr. Tetlows help we were able to have the entire case completely dismissed. This was obviously the most stressful time of my life but I 100% recommend his services and expertise when it comes to protecting your rights and all legal services

Great result

I am a retired lawyer, and have seen lawyers all over the country. Wally is the best. He cares about his client and is willing to try cases. We could not have had a better advocate. Great result.

SC, submitted Mar. 2019

Excellent representation

Wally was professional, and to the point when my case was in review. He was able to give me the most favorable outcome of my case, with the given time I was allotted by my company to solve my legal issues. His work was crucial in the determination of my employer to retain me as an employee. Wally’s professionalism, diligence, and timeliness saved my career. I hope I’ll never need him again...but if I do, I’ll be glad to know he’s representing me.

Anonymous, submitted Mar 2019

"had a solution that was just what I was looking for"

I hired Mr Christie to help me with a problem that I thought might be a complicated matter. After contacting him he agreed to help, and told me he would get back with me. In only a few hours he called and said he was sure he had a solution for me and would move forward with it. In just a few days he had a solution that was just what I was looking for. I never had to call him, or leave any messages looking for answers. He always called me. His service was strait forward and very prompt. The situation I faced could have been much worse without immediate response on his part.

R.D., submitted September 2018

Very helpful!

I asked him for an advice with the free consulation, and it gave us a big relief! He really sounded very confident and very caring to his clients. I know it was just a short talk on the phone, but if Atty James ever get to read this, just wanted to say how thankful we are! Again, thank you!

Anonymous, submitted July 2018

Genuinely honest and cares about clients

My wife and I had a consultation with Mr. Christie pertaining to a DUI. From first contact I could tell he was genuinely honest, and cared more for the client and what was best for them. From initial contact to the in person consultation, he provided us with great information and advice. He also assisted us beyond what was expected for the consultation. If we require legal assistance in the future I won’t hesitate to retain his services.

Tim, submitted May 2018


I was accused and charged with sexual assault, which could have ruined the rest of my life. After I was charged, I called a number of attorneys and after being referred to Wally, I called and hired him. My case went to trial and I was found not guilty. He was very ethical and honest about everything throughout the case. With my whole heart I recommend Wally, he exceeded my expectations, he is very professional, intelligent, and trustworthy. He is the right lawyer to hire, don’t hesitate to call him, he will fight relentlessly for you.

Anonymous, submitted Nov. 2017

What Wally said happened

I called Wally for a DV charge plus two other misdemeanors. When I first called him I explained what the situation was. He said everything will be dropped and there is no case. Then I called another attorney just to keep my options open and that one referred me to Wally. So Wally was hired. Turned out what he said was completely right. All charges were dropped and now I can move on with my life and career. He's the best there is. I just sat back and let him do his thing. He will call you asap if something happens and let you know about it. If you need an attorney, hire him. Bottom Line.

Carlos, submitted Sept. 2017

Call James!!

I hired James about 2 years ago for my domestic violence case. He was kind and honest. If you're facing criminal charges, don't hesitate to call James. Thank you!

Anonymous, submitted July 2017

Super professional

Very good representation for the client. Highly recommend Wally, he's a bad ass in the courtroom!

submitted February, 2017

Best DUI Lawyer in the STATE

James Christie came highly recommend by a friend. So glad I listened to them. I had four major changes against me. These all occurred were I live in rural Alaska. James was able to work outside of Anchorage with the Palmer Court System. He worked hard with the Muncipal Prosecutor with good arguments and was able to settle with a plea agreement and a fine on a lesser charge, which I gracefully accepted. He saved me time and money working with me as well as the Palmer Court over the phone and through emails, thus saving me his travel and time expense fees. The services rendered did not exceed the retainer fee. In fact I only showed up once at his office to met James in person and pick up my retainer refund amount check!! Awesome and shout out to his office staff!!!

Submitted Jan. 2017

Professional, Diligent, Committed

Mr. Christie represented our son in an assault case. We battled with the City for six months before we went to trial. Mr. Christie worked with us, kept us informed as to the progress and went over possible outcomes we could expect. We were still surprised at the legal maneuvering and the games the prosecutor engaged in once we went to court. Mr. Christie, while maintaining a professional demeanor at all times was absolutely amazing in front of a court of law. He cut through the Prosecutors motions and the Judges often rambling attempts to recreate language for the jury with the precision of a surgeon with a scalpel.
Mr. Christie came to court to win. He was on point the entire trial. Not just prepared for his case, but a step ahead of the opposition at all times. We were impressed with his commitment to every single detail. He was a beacon of reason when the prosecutor tried to convolute and obscure the law.
Winning for us was vindication for our son and true justice for the family. The Jury was out less than seven minutes, all due to Mr. Christie's ability to cut through to the truth of the matter. He is a credit to his profession. We will be forever grateful for his professional diligence and compassion during an immensely trying and difficult time.

Anonymous, submitted Nov. 2016

No stone unturned

I hired James after I was charged with a misdemeanor assault charge after a dispute with an intoxicated family member while on a visit to our aged parents. He eagerly went to work: put forth options and advised me on the best solutions for me. I've had the opportunity to watch him in a trial, to see how he works diligently to protect your rights. Bottom line: you are unfairly accused. - your first call should be to James Christie.

Howard, submitted Oct. 2016


Mr. Tetlow was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and expeindient about getting my case resolved. His years of experience made him hilghly recommended by good friend and coworker. If you are looking for an outstanding lawyer who will work tirelessly in your favor while walking you through every step of your case, you've found him. After working with Mr. Tetlow I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer or legal advice.

Anonymous, submitted Oct. 2016

Excellent attorney

Wallace Tetlow has my highest recommendation. Hire this lawyer. Here are my reasons: - You can talk to him: Wally is professional but approachable. He will not intimidate or put you in your place. He will listen and then tell you like it is in language that makes sense. - He is confident: All the lawyers I interviewed believe in themselves but some were egotistical about their abilities and some were wishy-washy about setting high expectations. Wally made me feel like he knew he was a top lawyer as a matter of fact, not opinion or ego. - He got the job done. My felony charge was dismissed. It could have been ugly but he made it go away. Proof is in the pudding and mine tasted great. He provided the best possible outcome at a more than reasonable price. He is not cheap, but I got more than my money's worth. Straight up. I did not have time to mess with the felony charges against me and needed the charges reduced or to disappear with minimal personal time invested. He made that happen. I did my homework and interviewed a few qualified attorneys. I am super-glad I retained Wallace Tetlow. I am posting anonymously only because I do not want a public record of my name associated with my felony arrest.

Anonymous, submitted June 2016

Honest, Ethical, Straight Forward and Knowledgeable

I consulted with Wally and ultimately hired Wally during the scariest moment of my life. The charge itself may seem trivial to some, but an assault misdemeanor while involved in a custody case and in the middle of a security clearance for your job is pretty stressful. I had originally hired another defense lawyer, who I paid to essentially prosecute me on behalf of the City. Fortunately for me, besides being scared to death and a nervous wreck, I had the emotional intelligence to not take the deal my original defense attorney was trying to strong arm me into, and to fire her, and hire Wally. It was such a gamble for me.

I will never be more proud of any decision than to acquire Wally's services, he was magic to me. He was low maintenance, handled my case with minimal contact and input from me. He was able to get the assault charge dismissed and a deferred sentence for the insignificant lesser charge. above all else, in the last year I have had multiple lawyers for a myriad of issues, and Wally was the most ethical in his billing practices, which means a tremendous amount to me. You can really judge a lawyer by his billing practice is what I have come to learn. I admire Wally and am eternally grateful for his hand in a trying time

DG, submitted Jan. 2016

Highly professional service

Mr. Christie agreed to handle my case post sentencing, after two unsatisfactory experiences with other lawyers. I found Mr. Christie to be highly professional and very efficient. His strategy and suggestions, after consultation with me, addressed my concerns and were on target regarding expectations and produced positive results. He worked collaboratively with the prosecutor, rather than confrontationally, which helped reduce my probation time by more than a year. I would highly recommend Mr. Chiristie for any defense purposes, I would certainly use him again, and I wish I had started my defense with him from the beginning of my case.

Bill, submitted Jan. 2016

The best lawyer

Atty. James Christie was our Lawyer with my son and we were exonerated from all the charges that were filed against us, thanks for his help and i highly recommend him as a legal counsel to those who are seeking help from an attorney.God bless #truth#honesty#integrity

Elizabeth, submitted Dec. 2015

The guy you want on your side

From start to finish Mr. Tetlow has exceeded any and all expectations. Mr. Tetlow is straight forward and professional. He tells you what you excatly what you need to know and what you can expect. I felt very confident having Mr. Tetlow represent me and manage the details of my case.

Pedro, submitted Nov. 2015

Beyond Expectations

I was facing several major felony and misdemeanor charges, with a potentially long prison sentence. Mr. Tetlow was able to get the felony and two other charges dropped. He got a very favorable setalment that did not include any jail time. Through the whole process Mr. Tetlow kept me informed and up dated. Mr. Tetlow is a very skilled and educated attorney and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of counsel.

Donald, submitted Nov. 2015

Felony Criminal Defense

Wally is an excellent lawyer who works hard every step of the way. When I hired Wally I was accused of an unclassified felony with a possible sentence of 30 years, and I was in jail awaiting a bail hearing to try to negotiate a $500,000 bail to a more reasonable number. After each side dismissing a judge, he managed to get me a bail hearing the next day after our final judge was decided, then negotiate down to $10,000 and a third party custodian, and have me out on bail by the end of the week. While doing this he also provided advice and support on legal and non-legal issues to me in jail and to my family outside, who was trying to get my affairs in order following an eviction. Once discovery and the actual casework began, Wally was careful to take my input and keep me informed. He hired a private investigator for me and worked with his partner James to get a lot of things accomplished in a relatively short period of time. He seemed to win most of the motions he filed, and defended the state's motions well, especially on a key piece of evidence. His motions always relied on cases, law, and specific facts of my case, rather than platitudes, which gave them a much more professional read than those of the state. When it came time to be in court he was professional, attentive, and well-spoken, and always seemed to be on the ball with objections and details. I always got the sense he was ready for what was coming, unlike the prosecutor. My time in court ended quickly because of some new evidence, but in the end Wally negotiated a plea deal of a B misdemeanor, with 90 days/90 suspended prison time and 3 years probation. Hard to beat that kind of performance! Even after my case was done in court there were a few other issues regarding the case, and he stayed on and worked on them, rather than just cutting me loose at the end of the trial. He's an easy guy to work with who gets the results in the end. What else can you ask for in a lawyer?

Anonymous, submitted Oct. 2015


OUTSTANDING! Office staff the best. [Gretchen Staft] always met me before court, explained options, knows her stuff. Could have spent 3 years DOC one one charge alone, spent only 15 days half-way house. She and staff are awesome!

David, submitted Sep. 2015

Best legal representation bar none – all charges dropped!

We are from Juneau but hired Mr. Christie to assist us with our son attending college in Anchorage who had gotten into some trouble. He came highly recommended from several lawyer friends In Juneau and in Anchorage. This is the first time we ever needed the services of an attorney so we were a bit frantic. We called him in the evening and he responded to us promptly and advised us not to worry, he would handle the case without the need for us to come to Anchorage. Mr. Christie’s expertise in the law is superb. It is evident he is well respected in the courtroom. He gave our son solid advice and didn’t mince his words. From the beginning, Mr. Christie has been very patient with all of our questions. He was careful to explain every step of the process and kept us apprised with updates along the way. He is friendly to deal. He made us feel at ease in a very stressful situation. His tenacity in gaining the most positive outcome is outstanding! This was very much appreciated as we were dealing with him from a distance. Mr. Christie was instrumental in getting the case for our son dropped – all within the scope of a few short months. The charges our son was facing were very serious and would have had detrimental effects on his life and career if Mr. Christie had not intervened. We will be forever grateful for Mr. Christie’s help. He is worth every penny and more! We would highly recommend him and his firm for any legal matter. Thank you!

Deb, submitted Aug. 2015

Does everything he can.

James Christie was a great help and really put in effort to make sure I got the best deal possible. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who asked, or use his services again. He is a great guy who really wants what's best for his clients.

Anonymous, submitted Aug. 2015

Highly recommend

Mr. Christie handled my son's case in a professional manner. He always responded promptly to our questions in a detailed manner and was honest about how the outcome of the case would turn out. I would highly recommend Mr. Christie's legal expertise.

A.R., submitted Aug. 2015

Very satisfied and forever thankful

Recently I found myself charged with several felony crimes, all of which would be career ending if I was found guilty of any barrier crime. After a lot of research I chose to hire Mr. Tetlow. I was not familiar with the legal system nore was I aware of the savarity of the crimes and the punishment each charge carried. After speaking with Mr. Tetlow I was confident he would represent me well. my career as a dental provider was literally in his hands. After several months of court proceedings I plead guilty to two none barrier crime misdemeanor charges. I am still licensed to practice. Mr Tetlow went above and beyond my expectations. He made sure I understood exactly what was going to happen at each court proceding and was through in his research reguarding the case. Hiring a lawyer is neither a pleasant or comforting experience, full of insecurities, doubt and humility. I can honestly say that based on the outcome, I am very satisfied and forever thankful for Mr. tetlows representation. I hope to avoid the legal system in the future but if I ever find myself in need of a lawyer I know I will not hesitate to hire Mr. Tetlow.

Rochelle, submitted July 2015

Well done

The 5 charges leveled against me were pretty daunting with real jail time attached, we struck a deal that i was more than pleased with and NO jail time, Thank you james

Seth, submitted July 2015

Definitely recommend

Gretchen was very helpful and walked me through everything right away. She was always there whenever I had questions or needed a response immediately. The case ended up being dismissed, but I would have felt very comfortable and trusting with her if trial would have been imminent. I definitely recommend her and the firm.

Emily, submitted June 2015

Help is on its way

It was a blessing to have him as my lawyer. Was such a big relief for me not to worry so much about my case he was able to drop 3 charges and no jail time. It was such a big relief. Thank you so much for help Wally and James. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs there help. not only that he refunds you the money whats leftover after the case been settled. So dont be afraid to give them a call, will worth your money and time.

Clifford, submitted May 2015

Acquitted on Three Charges!

Being falsely accused of serious crimes that can affect your career and custody of your children is scary. Faced with this threat, I resolved to hire the very best legal representation possible. I was not disappointed. Mr. Tetlow conducted a vigorous pre-trial defense and was very well prepared going into the trial. During the trial he deftly handled examinations, made good strategic decisions, and demonstrated a superior knowledge of the nuances of the law. His ability to use the law to our advantage and present the evidence in a clear effective way to the jury won my acquittal on all charges.

In addition to his superior skills and knowledge as a lawyer, Mr. Tetlow was good to work with. He established a strong two-way communication, was very responsive to my questions and input on the case, and showed real compassion. There was never a doubt in my mind that Wally was as fully committed to winning my case as I was. And something not unimportant in the high cost of a legal case, he also worked in an efficient cost effective manner. I would strongly recommend Mr. Tetlow to any one in need of a top quality defense attorney.

Steve, submitted May 2015

Would highly recommend.

Our dealings with this firm can be summarized as follows:
Clean and easy to understand contract
Both attorneys are very professional in approach
The firm is really easy to work with and very responsive
Clearly have a very strong ethic of working hard at achieving the goal.
We would highly recommend.

Robin, submitted March 2015

Saved my military career . . .

I would recommend James Christie to any active duty military member needing assistance and anyone else for that matter. I found him on the internet and did not know what to expect after reading all the reviews. After calling him and briefly talking to him over the phone I realized he was who I wanted to represent me and work on my case. Was very knowledgable and thorough. I was facing three serious charges, one being a felony and James was able to get the entire case dismissed. I cannot thank him and his office enough on their exceptional work.

Robert, submitted Feb. 2015


I chose this firm based on the reviews posted, glad I did! I had a domestic violence charge 7 months after a DUI and had the case dismissed within 7 weeks. (Mind you, the charge was based on reasonable circumstances.) Christie was able to work with the municipal prosecutor with good argument and we were able to settle with an apology letter which was accepted. The services rendered was affordable and did not exceed the retainer fee. He saved me time by working with me through email and phone calls, I've only had to make it in to the office to meet for my initial intake. He kept in contact updating me with the case and options. Overall I am satisfied and I find that you will be too.

Submitted Jan. 2015

Best Lawyer in town without a doubt.

What to say about James. He is an awesome character. Truthfully the best lawyer I've ever had to deal with. Look no further James Christie is your man. There is a reason why he has a 10 out of 10 mean cmon. Don't just take my word for it read some of the older comments. Thats why I chose James to represent me. James was even willing to cut me a deal and end up saving some money. He is worth every penny. Call James today!!!

Thomas, submitted Jan. 2015


We hired Wally Tetlow to represent our son, who was facing both OUI and felony drug possession charges. We did not hire an attorney immediately following our son's arrest, but waited until our son had completed one year of addiction treatment out of state and we were sure that he was serious about recovery and moving forward in life. When we sought to hire a defense attorney, we spoke with several trusted people in the Alaska legal community and Mr. Tetlow was highly recommended by everyone. We also visited this website and found that Wally and his partner had the highest ratings of anyone we had considered.
This was our first experience in criminal court proceedings and we were nervous and frightened. When we called Tetlow Law Group for the first time, Wally really listened and was kind and informative on the phone and quickly scheduled our consultation appointment. Wally immediately took care of the warrants on our son and spent a great deal of time on the phone with him getting information and details about the arrest and developed a strong professional relationship with our son, always communicating with him effectively and preparing him for what lied ahead.

Our goal in hiring a defense attorney for our son, was not only to address the charges against him but primarily to insure that our son remain in the treatment that had proven successful. We presented these goals to Wally and he was very understanding and professional. From the moment we walked into his office, his receptionist set us at ease and Wally introduced us to his partner, James Christie, and James' dog. The compassionate professionalism shown to ourselves and our son was amazing. Wally walked our son and us though every stage of the proceedings and gave us all the information we needed to navigate though this uncertain time. He patiently answered all our questions and his fees were very reasonable and his billing practices honest, open and fair. Mr. Tetlow's appearance and demeanor in the court proceedings were extremely professional, and the way he conducted himself made us feel we had made the right choice in representation for our son and that he was in excellent hands.

Our son's treatment mandated that he not miss more than three days in a row and Wally arranged for him to "appear" in court by telephone. Also Wally had the felony charges downgraded and arranged to have our son fulfill the obligations of his probation in the state where resides and is in treatment. All of Wally's instructions and communication with our son were impeccable and our son came to trust the lawyer we hired completely. Our son has now completed nearly two years of successful treatment and is in full compliance with the terms of his three year unsupervised probation. We owe so much to Wally Tetlow and highly recommend him as a legal advocate who is honest and professional. We hope not to use him again but would do so without any hesitation. Someday, our son looks forward to meeting the man who has given him a second chance at life. We are all grateful.

submitted December, 2014


Mr. Christie did a fantastic job for me I don't know what I would have done without him! He took all of my stress away by fighting for me and went above and beyond for me. He made me feel good by believing in me and coming out with the best case scenario for me! He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, honest and most of all will fight for you. I couldn't have had a better lawyer! If you need help go see him!! No need to stress when you could have the best lawyer in town on your side!!

Jenn, submitted Nov. 2014

One of the best criminal defense attorneys in Alaska.

Extremedy knowledgeable and professional. Was honest about seriousness of charges but very confident in his abilities. Extremely good at direct and cross examination. He literally saved my life. Worth every penny. Would recommend him to anyone I care about.

Kevin, submitted October 2014

Wisest decision

After bungling interactions with the authorities and on the recommendations of lawyers I know, I called Mr. Tetlow. Wally is a remarkable, skilled, and justly respected attorney. His entire office was the first legal entity we dealt with during this nightmare case that did not automatically treat us like criminals. That alone went a long way toward lessening the unbelievably tremendous amount of anxiety I experienced. But it was Wally's intelligent, erudite, thorough, compassionate, honest representation that let me sleep at night and carry on with my life as best I could. Hiring him was the wisest decision. I am forever grateful that he accepted the case. His competent, commanding presence in the courtroom is palpable. Not guilty is priceless poetic justice.

Pat, submitted September 2014

The very best!

I'm an attorney myself and all experienced and well-respected attorneys whom I have consulted all say that if they need an attorney it would be Wally Tetlow. Wally Tetlow was named Best Attorney in the Nation and I agree. He's the very best. He was able to have the prosecutor to deny prosecution and therefore no charge, no arraignment and I was able to maintain my clean record. Every time he was either available to talk or returned my call within that day. He is brilliant, honest, responsive, seasoned, kind, respectful and reliable. Once he was my attorney I knew I was in good hands and didn't have to worry anymore. I am grateful to have Wally Tetlow as my attorney. You will not be disappointed with his diligent work and expertise. He is worth every cent and as you can see, we are all rating him five stars. To me, he is six stars. He surpasses excellence.

Iris, submitted August 2014

Extremely pleased with my representation

I was represented very well and was extremely pleased with the outcome of my situation. This attorney was vigilant and extremely informed. He provided me with excellent advice and guided me through my difficult situation. I would recommend Mr. Christie to anyone.

Sean, submitted August 2014

Great to work with

James was a very nice guy. He was great to work with, kept me informed on my case and explained things perfectly. If I ever need a lawyer again I will definitely contact him first.

Will, submitted June 2014

Would definitely recommend

When my son was in trouble I called Mr. Christie on a Saturday and he answered the phone and spent 45 minutes on the phone with me helping me to understand his situation as best he could and to give me advise for his future needs. He never asked for anything from me and has only been very honest. My husband said if all attorneys were like this they would have a much better name for their profession. I would definitely recommend Mr. Christie for anyone needing help with legal problems.
Thank you for all your help Mr. Christie,
Tammy W

Tammy, submitted June 2014

Would recommend to anyone!

James helped out my son in a charge that was brought up against him. James spoke with my son and me about what we may encounter along the way throughout this process. James was very honest and answered any questions we had. He did have to be out of town when my son had to appear in court to enter a plea, but he had his partner, Wally Tetlow, stand in for him. We felt very comfortable with Wally as well. James kept my son's best interest out front and worked with the D.A. to get a deal settled. James kept us informed when we needed to be, but he didn't contact us when it was not necessary, (not contacting us just to charge the retainer). I always felt comfortable and confident in James's hands. I would recommend him to anyone needing a criminal lawyer.

Susan, submitted June 2014

charges dropped!

I was charged with a felony. I was referred to James christy and Wally Tetlow by a former prosecutor. Before my court date they convinced the state to drop the charges. Not only that, but also they had only used about 20-25% of the retainer that I had paid. The charges dropped was the best news, but to also have money back is a huge bonus. I would recommend their firm any day to anyone in my situation.

David, submitted March 2014


Wally Tetlow is a professional and detail oriented attorney. I felt confident that he was working towards the best possible outcome for my case. He completed a thorough review of all information presented which lead to a dismissal. He did so in a timely manner which meant that the final cost of his services were affordable.

Tyler, submitted March 2014

Highly Professional

I contacted Mr. Christie on an issue he had not directly worked with before, so he checked to see if what I wanted to do was possible. Within hours he called me back and confirmed we could move ahead as I wished. We agreed on a plan of approach and pursued it, he welcomed my input and kept me apprised of developments, and pursued the case in an efficient manner with the prosecutor. By the time we went to court the outcome was near certain, and as Mr. Christie predicted thanks to his legwork prior. I found his fee very reasonable and would call him first if I need a lawyer again.

William, submitted February 2014


Excellent person to represent your case. He is very understanding, yet looks at your case in an objective and professional manner. I greatly appreciated his help and guidance, thank you Wally!

Submitted by Nikki, Feb 2014

I would hire him again any day.

I was charged (but not found guilty!) for misconduct involving a weapon, and I called plenty of other attorneys but they all said the same thing to me - just to plead guilty and to get on with life, but James was different. James has an amazing attitude, and really thinks outside of the box on what he can do more to make things work and happen in the best and least life impacting way. He is very intense and pays a lot of attention to the little details, and has extensive knowledge of exactly how the justice system works. He is very kind, down to earth and easy to talk to. I was incredibly impressed with how quickly he worked and responded to my calls/emails/questions. He was a tad expensive for me, being a college student, but was well worth the money. He works very hard and fast for what he is getting paid to do, and I didn't feel that he wasted my time nor money at any point. He gave really great advice and wasn't just thinking of the money, but really seemed to want what was best for me. He has a very level head. He didn't lose my case, even when it seem all odds were against my favor. He knows the Alaskan law very well, and knows how to explain it in court very clearly. I would hire him again any day.

Luke, Submitted November, 2013

Incredible lawyer!

Police kicked in my door and stole all my belongings. I called Wally and he immediately knew it was an illegal search and seizure. The police were extremely hostile and uncooperative. Wally was so much better than the DA that the police department hired their own attorney to fight him. Case got dropped and I got my belongings back. I recommend him completely. Made a very scary and stressful situation into a interesting learning experience. He was worth every penny.

Submitted September, 2013

Knowledgable, resourceful and determined

I was charged with assault and resisting arrest. I looked and asked around for an attorney that could best prove my side of the story and relieve some stress. That's exactly what i got and more. This man knows the law and provides you with the best possible outcome for your situation. I wasn't rushed during the free consultation nor was just told what I wanted to hear. Everything option and aspect of the case was explained to me thoroughly and PROFESSIONALLY. Incredibly knowledgable, resourceful and determined. Being a service member and facing such charges was career threatening and even put into motion for separation. Not only did James prove my innocence and have my charges dropped completely, he continued his work on preserving my military career which was most detrimental to hiring an attorney in the first place. I also received a nice portion of my retainer fee back. This guy is the epitome of professionalism. Thanks James!

Joey (active duty military), Submitted September, 2013

Unflappable Character

Wally has been my defense attorney in 2 separate cases now. The first was a DV charge that could have ended my career. Wally is very knowledgable, honest, and obviously a man of unflappable character. Through his hard work and excellent rapport with the prosecution, Wally was able to negotiate a lesser charge that didn't threaten my career and was able to obtain dismissals in both cases. Thank you so much, Wally!!!

Chris, Submitted August, 2013

Saved my Alaskan vacation!

While vacationing in Anchorage in February 2013 I had an unfortunate run in with the Anchorage P.D. and was arrested for an OWI. The next day was filled with unknowns and regrets as I was from the "lower 48" and in unfamiliar territory. Looking through yellow pages in my room at the hotel the next morning the only law firm who would see me immediately was the Law firm of Wallace Tetlow & James Christie. James and Wally explained the entire sequence of events for what was to come in the next few days and how to prepare for the coming months. From the moment of the first consult to the recent completion of the entire case, I was treated with the utmost in respect and was able to relax and live my life all while going through what could have been a rather UGLY experience. James was able to work with the court system, the dept. of corrections, and the Alaska DMV without me having to ever be present in Alaska. I was able to complete everything that the court ordered from my home state while not missing a day of work. They probably saved my career!
I was also able to enjoy the remaining week of my vacation in Alaska and will return many times to come. I would highly recommend James to anyone requiring any type of legal assistance in Alaska. I promise it will be one of the best decisions you can make!

Greg, submitted July, 2013

Made a bad situation a good experience

Wally was a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable and personable. When it came to the whole case he was very adamant about fighting for me. He knew I was distraught about the whole situation, being it my first offense, and was able to reassure me and let me know that he would defend me diligently and thoroughly. He kept in contact with me throughout the time-frame of the case. I am definitely glad I was able to work with Wally. I would recommend him to others. Hopefully this isn't the case, but if I got in trouble again, I would definitely call him to represent me.

Submitted May, 2013

Best legal experience ever!!

There were no surprises, as he explained every option and opportunity to me; I am very satisfied with the outcome! I would highly recommend Mr. Christie, and have no concerns for anyone in need of counsel.

Sean, submitted May 2013

Mr. Christie is a gfited Attorney who knows the Law. Excellent Service & Kind Heated

Mr. Christie is an excellent Attorney who thoroughly does his homework. His skill and kindness go above and beyond the normal client attorney experience.

He is an amazing gifted Attorney.

My son and I are so very grateful that we were given the Tetlow Christie Firm name from a former client.

Mr. Christie showed his knowledgeable advice in a no fluff meeting to discuss our situation.

His preparation and skill gave us the best possible outcome in a situation that could have lasted years.

My son and I both realize the gravity of what that situation could have been.

Now my son has a second chance to make the right choices and decisions because of Mr. Christies professional expertise.

Thank you!

Submitted May, 2013

Best defense lawyer in this state!

I don’t have enough nice words to describe Wally and I certainly have nothing negative to say. Wally literally saved my way of life and kept it from falling apart due to false accusations. He is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate in his work. He kept me calm throughout the entire process even when it started to get to its worst, that’s when he stepped up even more to the plate and hit me a homerun. He has great communication and even explained things to me multiple times when I couldnt comprehend everything that was going on. If you need a defense and it seems like no one will listen to your side of the story, I can testify Wally will make sure your side of the story is told and facts are smeared against you. Wally is no push over lawyer, he is aggressive and stands out as soon as he walks into a courtroom compared to the other lawyers I saw in there. I could thank him every single day and it still wouldn’t be enough. Thanks again Wally!

Submitted January 2013

Would gladly recommend to anyone

It was a pleasure having Mr. Christie represent me in a criminal case. He handled the case with true professionalism and thorough knowledge of intricacies of legal system. I reside in a different community, and Mr. Christie represented me on my behalf and in my absence, successfully modifying conditions of a restraining order, dismissing a warrant and eventually successfully dismissing a case. I would gladly recommend Mr. Christie’s expertise to anyone as a valuable asset in handling of a criminal case.

Submitted December 2012

Diligent, Knowledgable

Jumped on the case immediately and worked hard to dismiss as soon as possible; wrote a detailed, well-researched motion that lead to dismissal; after dismissal, prosecutor had option to re-indict, but Mr. Tetlow was able to convince the prosecutor not to; never doubted innocence; kept me informed of status.”

Submitted January 2013

Compassionate and knowledgable

I couldn’t be more impressed with the way Mr. Tetlow handled my case. Having dealt with a TERRIBLE lawyer in the past, I was more than amazed at the thoroughness and care he put into every little tiny detail of my case. It makes such a big difference to have representation that is knowledgeable about the legal system & has had the experience to really know what they are doing.
Every time I had a question come up, Wally was quick to respond to any phone calls or emails and give me the information I needed. If he did not already know the answer, he promptly found out the answer.
I believe my situation turned out favorably for me ONLY because Mr. Tetlow was diligent in doing all he could for my case. I believe he truly cared about me & the outcome of my issue. He is quick-acting & unafraid of adversary. When it came time for my final disposition, I can’t say just how relieved I was to have Wally up there defending me.
As terrible as it is to be involved in any legal matter, having an attorney like Wally can really make all the difference as far as giving you hope and a feeling of competence.
I will definitely recommend Mr. Tetlow’s services to anyone needing legal representation.

Submitted April 2012

The only criminal defense lawyer I will hire

When I found Wally, I was in dire straits and stranded homeless in Dutch Harbor with no one to help me. I had no prior experience with the legal system, and Wally was very understanding and more than helpful. Wally was my defender in shining armor. As soon as I hired him, he hit the ground running. Wally sets the standard for the client – attorney relationship. Wally always made himself available to speak with me regarding my case, whether it was by phone or dropping by his office. He understood how important my case was to me, and did everything to the best of his power to achieve the best results for my case. He is always professional and candid with any legal questions I have, and is a very trustworthy, compassionate, outstanding individual. Wally is the only criminal defense lawyer in Alaska I will hire.

Submitted January 2012

Amazing! Prompt, reliable and kind.

In October I had the need for a lawyer and I thank God everyday for leading me to James. Within 14 days James proved my character to the prosecuting attorney and had all charges dropped. Along with an expedient outcome, he also reimbursed all money to me he did not use towards his service. He was wonderful and kind and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone in need of assistance.

Submitted November 2011

Quick Resolution to Potentially Significant Charge

I was recently charged with a potentially significant (to my career) criminal charge. James Christie was very approachable and knowledgeable at our initial meeting. He was honest and laid out all the possible outcomes of my situation. I felt very comfortable asking James to handle my case. Upon hiring, he quickly went to work resolving my case. I was away on business for most of his handling of my case, and he communicated everything to me via email and phone. James was able to help me get a favorable outcome with very little pain on my part. Thank you so much!

Submitted June 2011

Justice Found!

Wally proved to be just what I was looking for…. I interviewed several attorneys, but Wally’s knowledge of the local system and understanding of the importance of the case to me, finalized my decision. I explained my goals and he told me how we could achieve them. He and his office treated me with respect and professionalism. The final disposition of the case was; dismissal prior to trial. As I endured the multiple visits to the court, I remember thinking, I’m sure glad I have Wally standing up there for me. I would recommend you talk to him about any legal matter, Wally proved a great choice for me!

Submitted June 2011

Wallace Tetlow

Wally has assisted our family through the maze of the judicial system several times. This can be a difficult and trying time. If you’re in need of a lawyer we’d recommend Wally.

Submitted October 2011

A Very Approachable Lawyer

I was recently charged with a misdemeanor and hired Mr. Christie as my lawyer. I had called and left a message over the weekend; he promptly called me Monday morning. He was very knowledgeable as well as encouraging with my situation as this was the first time I have ever had to deal with anything of this nature. My time was short in AK as I was leaving the state in less than 48 hours from our initial meeting and he was very understanding of this issue and was very sensitive to this issue. I felt he took my case seriously and was very kind towards me. He presented me with all the possible outcomes, coached me in steps I should take to help my case, and kept me informed with any new information. I had a very satisfactory result to my case and am very satisfied with the services provided by Mr. Christie.

Submitted September, 2011

Diligent, Knowledgable

Mr. James Christie is a professional. He does everything in his power to help and leaves no page unturned. I would highly recommend him to anyone thats in need of an attorney!

Submitted December 2012

The greatest attorney I have ever met

Mr. Wallace Tetlow is perhaps the best attorney I have ever encountered. Anyone with a criminal case against them would want this man on their side he is knowledgeable of our legal system and as far as I’m concerned is a miracle worker in the court room I was charged with the misconduct in the fourth degree Mr. Tetlow reviewed the other cases of misconducts in the fourth degree it was An average sentence of 3 1/2 to 4 years for the amount of marijuana that I had Mr. Tetlow at the end of it negotiated it down to 30 months of probation and if I completed probation with no violations it would be a suspended imposition of sentence which means it didn’t go on my record Probation is not that bad and I would recommend this attorney He is a man of integrity good morals and as I said before extremely knowledgeable of our legal and court systems.

Submitted December 2012

Acquitted for Murder 1, Murder 2 and Tampering

I was recently acquitted for murder 1, two murder 2, and tampering. James was not only my attorney during this time he was my friend and confidante. He never withheld anything from me and included me in all decision making acting as a true advocate and mouthpiece for me as his client. I write this as a testimony of Gods blessings by sending James to get me and my brothers off. I have dealt with many attorneys and I can honestly say that I have NO complaints about how he represented me.

I am a 34 year old black man that was charged with homicide. Before us it was unheard of for a multi defendant highly publicized murder [to go to trial] in Alaska and here I am today to tell you about it. We sat through a grueling 2 months of trial side by side and not a negative thought went through my mind. As a matter of fact I was only more reassured as we got deeper in. James made sure that everything I told him was taken seriously and for anyone in that predicament it is so comforting to know that not only can you trust your lawyer he also trusts you. He used every resource he had to ensure the best chances for victory he went above and beyond the call of his duties. He believed in me and when the state declined to give anymore money for my defense he fought tooth and nail to protect my constitutional rights.

I can’t promise that James will win every case but I will say this he is going to put out all on the line and as a convict a father and a human being that’s what I look for and expect out of any attorney that takes the bar. Thank you James for giving me my life back. I Love you and we will always be a part of each others lives

Submitted September 2012


Mr. Christie was kind, respectful and very well informed. He helped me get out of a false implication in a DV case with minimum stress. I would strongly recommend him

Submitted November 2012

Top criminal defense attorneys!!

I first met James Christie in April 2012. He was 1 of 3 attorneys for 3 men accused of 1st degree murder. One of these young men was my son. Although James was not representing my son directly, I felt that throughout the trial all three attorneys stood united in their stand to bring justice for all three men. I found James to be compassionate, relentles, focused, respectful and just outright BRILLIANT! I can’t give him enough praise. Although I would never want to go through this painful ordeal again, I would always want James Christie in my corner! James went over and beyond his job as an attorney when on the evening of their aquittal and the release of the defendants he stopped by the jail to say congratulations again and wish them well. There was a slight hiccup in the process resulting in my son possibly not being released that night. James quickly made a few phone calls (to the Judge and DA on a Friday evening) resulting in his release! I will be forever grateful to him for his quick and persistent actions. I applaud James for his professional skills , his sensitivity and kindness. I feel that he is one of the top criminal defense attorneys!!

Submitted August 2012

If you need a good lawyer, you have found one!!!

I have dealt with lawyers in the past, being 50 years old, and did not have much regards for most. Having recently been charged with an offense that I could have done some time on, I contacted Mr. Christie. The professionalism and honesty was unheard of,(by me). He did all the work while I was out of town the whole time, and then returned more than half of the retainer to me that he didn’t use! I ended up with no time, no fine, no classes and 1 year of probation. Plus, the case will be wiped after a year! James Christie is actually Superman in a three piece.

Submitted January 2012


Wally represented me in a criminal case almost one year ago. In my opinion he saved my life and I am forever grateful. This was probably the worst period of my life and thanks to him I made it through stronger. I would recommend him to anyone.

Submitted September 2011

A Unique Attorney

My son is charged with a very serious crime and extradited from Florida, back to Alaska. Having very little, if not at all contact with my son, there is very little I can do to help him or even hear his side of the story. Not having any luck communicating with the Public Defender, (understandable) to answer any questions or explain what is to be expected.

Speaking with several attorney’s in the past and present, most speak with little concerns, rushing through the issues, I nervously contacted James Christie expecting the same. this was not the issue, Mr. Christie was kind, polite, concerned, focused, honest, and very knowledgeable,…. this is hard to find, having a stranger as a friend.

I consulted with Mr.Christie on several occasions, Mr. Christie directed himself to understanding the situation concerning my son and my emotional stress, and requested for me to call him back at anytime if I needed anything else.

Trying to help my son and understand the facts given in the case, I hired Mr. Christie and the results were more than I expected, satisfying, thorough and prompt.

It pleases me just knowing I can rely on Mr. Christie at this time of trouble. I highly recommend Mr. Christie

Submitted July, 2011

Bad situation, good representation

Recently I was involved in an unfortunate situation that placed me on the wrong side of a misdemeanor assault charge. My experience with that part of life was absolutely ZERO. Mr. Christie eagerly, efficiently and professionally pursued my case to the best end possible. He promptly informed me of any and all actions he wanted to make, or information he had. His knowledge and friendly professionalism helped to make a bad situation come to an extremely favorable conclusion smoothly.

Submitted October 2011